Drafts resolutions

6)Change in Bank Signatories:

“RESOLVED THAT in supersession with all the previous resolutions in respect of operating a bank account having Bank Account No. ______ with _______ Bank at its __________branch, the Current mode of operation for above mentioned account be & is hereby changed & replaced by following authorized signatories.

1. Mr. ______________
2. Mr. ______________

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Mr. _____________ (DIN________) & Mr. ______________, (DIN________) Directors be & are hereby authorized to operate the said current banking account jointly or severally as the case may be.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Mr. ______________ (DIN________) , director , be & is hereby authorized to do all the acts, deeds, things & matters as may be necessary & expedient in order to give effect to the foregoing resolution.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the copy of resolution be given to the Bank for their further action.”