Events List requiring compliances under Companies Act

Appointment of Director
Appointment of KMP/ Managing Director/ Manager
Appointment of Statutory Auditors/ Internal Auditors/ Secretarial Auditors/ Cost Auditor etc
Appointment of Auditors in place of Auditors who have resigned.
Acceptance of Public Deposits by the Company .
Alteration of the Capital of the Company
Borrowing from any Bank financial Institution and creation of Charge for the security as given for the said borrowings.
Buy Back of Shares
Changes in the objects clause of the Company
Changes in designation of Directors
Changes in borrowing limits of the board of Directors .
Issue of new shares on Rights basis / Private Placement/ Preferential offer/ Bonus Issue / ESOP/ Public Issue etc.
Issue of Debentures
Investments of funds by the Company
Related Party Transactions
Vacation of office of directors/ KMP
Vacation of office of Auditors
Satisfaction of charges after repayment of loans
( The above event list is given in brief and various compliances are / may be applicable for Public Limited Companies, Listed Companies, OPC etc.)