Notice of interest by director in respect of relatives of the Director

The Board of Directors

Dear Sir(s)

I, .............., son/daughter/spouse of ……………., resident of ………….., being a director in the Company hereby give notice of that following are the relatives of myself.

  • i) Members of a Hindu Undivided Family;
  • (ii) Name of the husband and/or wife
  • (iii) name of the Father including step-father.
  • (iv) name of the Mother including step-mother.
  • (v) Name of the Son/s including step-sons.
  • (vi) Name of the Son’s wife.
  • (vii) Name of the Daughter.
  • (vii) Name of the Daughter’s husband.
  • (viii) name of the Brother/s including Step Brother
  • (ix) Name of the Sister/s including Step Sister/s
  • I further state that the above information is true and correct and no material information is undisclosed by myself. Further I am aware of the consequences for false information and the liabilities that will accrue on account of such false declarations.